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Tie the Knot has the most comprehensive collection of wedding gowns in the area, and we’re especially proud of our extensive plus size selection. Our store has more than 50 gowns in size 16+, with samples extending to size 28 on the racks.


We are absolutely elated that our Off the Rack store gets to offer our brides and bridesmaids a whole new collection of bridesmaids dresses! The Dessy Group was established in 1939 and continues to be a trend setter in bridal fashion. Their styles are everything you could dream of and more: floral, eclectic, timeless, modern, […]

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New Bridesmaids Designer at Tie the Knot Off the Rack!

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If you’re confused about the difference between our two locations, don’t worry! You’re not alone, we get questions about it almost daily! In April 2023, we expanded our horizons and split our inventory in between two stores: Tie the Knot Bridal and Tie the Knot Off the Rack. While we operate as two separate locations, […]


What’s the difference between our two stores?

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